M Clement Hall


I had at a different time worked in the university hospital at Jerusalem, helping to treat Jewish casualties in the Six Days War. An uprising (Intifada) occurred in Gaza and I went to assess the need for orthopaedic help. Out of this grew a book.

The Prime Minister of Israel, Rabin, had recommended "Break their Bones" and there were numerous casualties.




My place of work was in the Ahli Arab hospital directed by the Archbishop of Jerusalem.


I played a small part in putting the bones back together again. Most of the injured were children. Rabin was later awarded the Nobel peace prize, whereas I was strip searched by Sin Bet. That's life!! 

There was one good experience: a patient bleeding to death from a fractured pelvis with arterial injury needed care that was not possible in Gaza. After three days pleading with the IDF we obtained permission to take him to the university hospital in Tel Aviv. There the doctors felt as I did, his name and his history were of no importance, all that mattered was he was injured and he needed care.