M Clement Hall



A work of fiction, very loosely based on the author's experiences working in several countries in West Africa during crises and other disturbances.

In the civil service of the UK, USA, France, and Israel, there is a level derived from the security branches that wishes to stabilize West Africa for the sake of the foreign industries operating in that region. They know there will be constant wars if Africa is left to "democracy" for which they read autocracy, corrupt bureaucracy, financial chaos, and mayhem. They wish also to stabilize world security by in-country satellite surveillance systems and the availability of harbors when needed.

Their system is fiscally dependent on diamonds, sold to purchase guns, which are supplied to support the "right people" who in turn support the "right industries." The system is stabilized in each country by ex-Special Forces mercenaries, who in their turn are controlled by the security services.

This fact is known to certain members of the civil service, to some few senior politicians of the party in power, and is suspected by some more perceptive and experienced journalists.

Al Quaeda have found that bank accounts are open to inspection, but financial resources stored in diamonds are not.

"Donkeys" are needed to carry the diamonds to Europe. Who better than doctors? They are seldom searched. They are naive, full of self-righteousness for their "cause" and easily led by the nose.

Young Canadian surgeon, ‘Harley’ Davidson goes to West Africa to assist the wounded in a civil war; unknown to Harley his Professor has arranged with CSIS that he will be planted into the diamond smuggling milieu, in which Canadian interests are possibly involved.

Harley becomes caught up in the international interests sponsoring the triangular trade in diamond smuggling, gun running and revolution.

Living with violence, in turn he becomes violent, until his change in character is reversed by the naive beauty of a child’s nature.